Cummins Announces New Increased Power Ratings For Their NT(A)855-M And KT(A)19-M Marine Engines

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Cummins Engine Company has announced additional increases to engine horsepower ratings for their NT855-M, NTA855-M, KT19-M and KTA19-M marine models. Increased horsepower ratings for the NTA855-M and KTA19-M models were made available in early 1984 as a result of new turbocharger modifications that provided improved fuel consumption in addition to the higher power ratings.

Now, this manufacturer is offering increased power ratings on all four, in-line, six-cylinder marine models while still maintaining a fuel consumption rate highly competitive with most other engines in their size and power range.

Following is an outline of the increased horsepower ratings announced by Cummins.

NT855-M—Formerly rated 295 bhp @ 1,950 rpm, Intermittent Rating, now available at 360 bhp @ 2,100 rpm. The Continuous Duty Rating has been increased from 270 bhp to 300 bhp @ 1,800 rpm with shaft horsepower (shp) calculated at 291 and fuel consumption at 15.1 gallons per hour, (gph), or .052 G/ shp hr.

NTA855-M— Intermittent Ratings of 400 bhp @ 2,100 rpm and Continuous Duty Ratings of 350 bhp @ 1,800 rpm were released and first available in early 1984. At the Continuous Rating, shp is 340 with fuel consumption at 17.8 gph or .052 G/shp hr.

KT19-M—The Intermittent Rating of 510 bhp @ 2,100 rpm has been available since early 1984. The Continuous Duty Rating is now being increased from 365 bhp to 425 bhp @ 1,800 rpm. Shp is calculated at 412 with fuel consumption at 20.7 gph or .050 G/shp hr.

KTA19-M—The Continuous Duty Rating, first available in early 1984, is set at 500 bhp @ 1,800 rpm with shp at 485 and fuel consumption at 25.2 gph or .052 G/shp hr. Cummins Intermittent Ratings are intended for continuous use in variable load applications where full power is limited to six hours out of every 12 hours of operation. Reduced power operation must be at or below the Continuous Power Rating rpm.

The Continuous Duty Rating is intended for continuous use in applications requiring uninterrupted service at full power. This rating is the ISO 3046 standard power rating and SAE J1228 continuous crankshaft power.

These new ratings adhere to the American Bureau of Shipping design criteria and can be certified in those applications where required. For free brochures containing complete technical data and information on Cummins Marine Models NT855-M, NTA855-M, KT19-M and KTA19-M, For a brochure describing the complete line of Cummins diesel engines,

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