M . A . N . - B & W Diesel Introduces N e w Engine

m  a  n   b  w diesel
introduces n e w engine

6 4 - P a g e T e c h n i c a l Report A v a i l a b le M.A.N.-B&W Diesel has introduced their latest design, heavy fuel burning, four-stroke diesel engine, the L58/64, with a power rating from 8,000 to 15,000 bhp.

M.A.N.-B&W reports the most noteworthy characteristics of this engine are that, at its optimum rating, it has an efficiency of 50 percent at the engine shaft, and is designed for burning future residual fuels up to 7,000 seconds Redwood No. 1 at 100° F, with a minimum of maintenance.

The first engine is currently going through its final testing program and is expected to exceed its design objective, burning less than 0.27 lbs/bhp (metric), corrected for ISO conditions, at 85 percent of its economy power rating.

In addition to a high operating efficiency, the engine also provides an excellent opportunity for high waste heat recovery with an exhaust gas temperature downstream of the turbocharger of 660° F over a broad operating range. In a number of marine applications, this means that the "at sea" electrical load can be produced by the waste heat recovery system instead of operating an auxiliary engine.

M.A.N.-B&W Diesel also produces a full line of two-stroke and four-stroke diesel engines with ratings from 500 to over 56,000 hp. In addition to main engines for marine applications they offer heavy fuel burning auxiliary engine generator sets, complete propulsion systems with their own design of speed reducing gears and controllable-pitch propellers, stationary power plants and cogeneration packages.

An eight-page color brochure and a 64-page technical report on the new L58/64 engine are now available. These contain detailed technical data including specification tables, ratings, performance data, test results, photos, and crosssection color drawings of the new engine and key components.

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