Schedule And Papers— SNAME Spring Meeting In Philadelphia, Pa.

It had to be Philadelphia. No other city in the United States would do for the national Spring Meeting of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers in this bicentennial year. The city's reputation as a fine convention center and showplace of American history lends itself well to the 1976 Spring Meeting theme, "Maritime America—1776 to 1976 and Beyond." The Philadelphia Section of SNAME will be hosting the meeting, scheduled for June 2-5 at the Marriott Motor Inn.

The 12 carefully-chosen technical papers will provide a background into the history of the marine industry, perspective into its present developments, and insight of future projections.

Papers scheduled for Thursday, June 3, include: "Commercial Shipping and Shipbuilding in the Delaware," by William A. Baker; "Cushions and Foils," by Peter J. Mantle; "200 Years of Naval Shipbuilding in the Delaware Valley," by Robert E. Egan; "Trends in Electric Cable Design for Shipboard Service," by Gordon F.

Todd; "Future Trends of Materials and Fabrication of Marine Structures," by K. Masubuchi and Kiyoshi Terai; "Chemical Tankers — Design Concepts and Operation," by W.G. Neal Jr.; "Navy Trends," by J. Baylis, P.G. Rainey and R.W. King, and "Problems of Ship Vibration: Present Solutions and Further Investigations," by I. Senjanovich and K.T.


Scheduled for Friday, June 4, are: "A Study of Machinery Aft Condenser Scoop Installation and Maneuvering," by Robert J. Latorre; "Propulsion, Cavitation and Propeller Induced Pressure Fluctuations of a Tanker, Comparative Tests in SSPA Cavitation Tunnel No. 2 and NSMB Depressurized Towing Tank," by Gilbert Dyne and Martin Hokstra; "Demologos and Waterwitch: Two Innovative Ships of the Early Steam Navy," by H. Benford, and "A New Dimension to Ship Propulsion Test Techniques," by J.D. Van Manen and M.W.C.


The social events have been arranged to allow all those attending to take maximum advantage of them. On Thursday, the registrants' families can choose between tours to the Winterthur estate or to Longwood Gardens and the Brandywine Museum.

The president's reception is being held that evening. The next day's activities include a walking tour of historic Philadelphia; and on Saturday, those attending can enjoy a bus ride to Valley Forge and Mill Grove. The 1976 Spring Meeting will be climaxed that evening by the Philadelphia Section's annual Dinner-Dance.

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